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Property Investment in Germany

We have provided some information for international investors in Germany and especially Berlin and hope you will find it useful:   For English translations of German Property terms and abreveations please refer to our Glossary.

Catch up on the Germany's Pfandbrief Banks' daily updated funding conditions for refinancing of mortgage loans. Once one the site click on first item in the left column. ...more

Invest in Germany is a neutral source for information and support for international investors in Germany. Their website provides extensive information on the German legal and tax system in English. They will also support investors in the identification of opportunities. ...more

German Civil Code For most property related questions the German Civil Code (BGB, Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch) is applicable. For an official English version of the German Civil Code click the link.


Search tool for foreclosures (in German), click on the LOGO.

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