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Your Home Base in the German Property Market

Serving international investors for over 25 years.

We assist client decisions at all stages of a property investment and are set up to provide consultancy as well as implementation services. Our focus lies on optimizing the operation of a property or portfolios. Performance measurment through tailored KPI and the design of Operational BIM Models using newest cloud technology are amongst our tools to provide bestz results for our clients.

Clients benefit from our experience, our network and our approach of handing over all knowledge and tools. We are there to help but our goal is to achieve independence from us and individuals possibly carrying all knowledge out of the door when they are leaving.

Looking For Property

Property Pre Acquisition

Speed: The process of finding the right property including research about foreclosure or auction properties can be significantly accelerated through knowledge of the local markets and an extensive network of property professionals. Further information in Pre-Acquisition.

Buying Property

Property purchase servicesSecurity: The purchase process is vital for the success of the investment. Potential Risks have to be assessed and evaluated. At the same time financing has to be secured. Please view the Purchase services section of this website for our Investment Management Services.

Property Investment in Germany

Managing Property

Property operations and facility managementReliability: Setting up quality operational structures and procedures in line with international standards is as important as buying a property for the right price. The future development of the value of an investment is determined here. More information on the Operations page.

Property Performance Improvement

Delivery: Not all properties are performing as promised in the exposé. We apply various approaches  and proven tools to get to the bottom of the issues and we find the "easy apples", quick wins to achieve. Find more in the Performance section.

We provide low cost Property Health Check Services, especially for private investors. Details including pricing are also in the Performance section.

Who we are

We are locals with international experience. Falkenberg Solutions brings the full breadth of Asset Management, Property Management, and Facility Management expertise to assignments in Germany.  The client base is a mix of German and international owners and investors in property portfolios including the city of Berlin's Asset Management organisation. We are "at home" in the Berlin property market and provide a home base for real estate invstors to support investments in Residential Property, Retail Property and Office Buildings.
Through our long and successful operation in the market as consultants and service providers for Asset Management, Property Management, and Facility Management we provide a tailored and lean concept for the management of a portfolio.
The network based approach of our property service provision allows highly competitive fees and maximum flexibility. Market responsiveness is guaranteed. For international investors the bilingual English/German capability which also includes the knowledge of how business is done internationally provides an extra comfort investing abroad.