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When we check those properties on behalf of potential buyers, time and again we experience poor preparation causing price reductions on properties brought to market. The shortcomings here are various and begin at the actual state of the property through to the state of the tenant files and the financial documentation of rent collection and expenses.
A well-organized property management should be ready to present all necessary documents for a sale at any time, not only for a sale but also for the information needs of the owner. Where we support the search and contracting of a property management we always make sure that this is part of the contract obligations.

“Ready for Selling” audit service“Ready for Selling” audit service

In order to perform the “Ready for Selling” audit service the following information is required:
Contact information and introduction for questions to the property management.
This can improve the quality of the resulting report but is not mandatory if you don’t feel comfortable with it at this point. We can also provide a list for the owners to make their own requests to the property management and check the returns.
This is what you can expect from this service:
You will receive a checklist with all items needed for a successful sale and the current status of each item and recommendations for the improvement of any identified issues or gaps. This service does not include site inspections. We offer these in a property specific proposal if and when requested.


The fee for this service is 99.00 € including VAT. The payment is due with the order of the service. We give a 30 day money back guarantee, should you not be satisfied with the service provided.

Please use the feedback to make your service request.