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Rent Level Benchmark

The rent level benchmark compares the actual contract rent to the rent table and market rent detailed down to the size categories and prevailing standard of the majority of the units. In a second step the contract rent is compared to the actual rent payments. Major shortcomings can then be investigated and tracked down to the underlying problem, e.g. problems in the building fabric, tenant mix or plain bad management, to mention just a few possibilities.

Rent level benchmark service

In order to perform the rent level benchmark service the following information is required:


Address and photo


Year of construction


Type of bathroom facilities


Type of heating


Recent modernizations and resulting rent increases


Rent list with apartment sizes, contract rent amounts and rent components (names not needed)


Actual rental payments

Property management

Introduction and contact for questions.
This can improve the quality of the resulting report but is not mandatory if you don’t feel comfortable with it at this point.

This is what you can expect from this service:
An assessment of the rent level of your property compared to other comparable properties and recommendations for the next steps if necessary. The report will be provided in English as a pdf-file. This service does not include site inspections.


The fee for this service is 49.00 € including VAT. The payment is due with the order of the service. We give a 30 day money back guarantee, should you not be satisfied with the service provided.

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