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Utilities Charges Benchmark

Utilities charges are named “second rent” for a good reason.  As a property owner you can re-claim these cost items from your tenants but in the end the sum of the rent plus utilities charges plus heating cost determine what your tenants can afford. The more they pay for utilities and heating the smaller is their budget for the actual rent that ends up in your account. On top of this argument you have to cover this cost for any vacancy period or non-payment of a tenant until you might be able to claim it in court. So the popular argument used by many property managers that the level of the utilities charges is not your problem is simply not true.

Utilities charges benchmark services

In order to perform the utilities charge benchmark service the following information is required:


Address and photo


Year of construction


Type of heating

Property management

Last 2 Utilities and Heating charges balances (Betriebskostenabrechnung, Heizkostenabrechnung)

This is what you can expect from this service:
An assessment of the utilities charges of your property compared to other comparable properties and recommendations for the next steps if necessary.


The fee for this service is 49.00 € including VAT. The payment is due with the order of the service. We give a 30 day money back guarantee, should you not be satisfied with the service provided.

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